Formula Lee 2018

Welcome to the Formula Lee 2018 season


All you need is the Codemasters game F1 2017 on either PC, PS4 or X-Box One and go to Time Trial Mode with Current F1 Cars. You can use any of the assists available (ABS, Automatic Gears and Traction Control) and it doesn’t matter if you use a wheel or a controller (or even a keyboard if that’s your driving style!) Once you’ve set your time with the car and weather conditions picked by us on the podcast, send a screengrab or photo of your time (don’t forget it MUST be a legal time in the game) to us, either by Twitter DM (@3legs4wheels), Facebook private message or email by the cutoff time for that race.

The top 20 times will all score points (20 for 1st down to 1 for 20th) And we hope to have a new sponsor for race and end of season prizes soon

The first race of the 2018 season is at the Albert Park circuit in Melbourne Australia and we might as well start with a quick and dry lap, so the car for the one is the Mercedes. The cutoff is the 26th of March (the Monday after the race) at 7PM UK / 2PM EST

***Coming Soon***

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