F1: Permutations for the Championship in Abu Dhabi

Here at 3legs4wheels.com we are kind enough to  provide you with this handy guide to keep open during the race in Abu Dhabi in two weeks.

It’s Double points in Abu Dhabi. In a normal race, the winner would get 25 points, right down to tenth place getting 1 point. The top ten will still score points in the season finale, but they will be doubled. Here’s the run down:

1st : 25 [50 points in Abu Dhabi]
2nd : 18 points [36]
3rd : 15 [30]
4th : 12 [24]
5th : 10 [20]
6th : 8 [16]
7th : 6 [12]
8th : 4 [8]
9th : 2 [4]
10th : 1 [2]

So, with Nico Rosberg’s victory in Brazil cutting the gap to 17 points; here’s what he has to hope for to overturn Hamilton’s lead.

Rosberg 1st, Hamilton 3rd (or lower)
Rosberg 2nd, Hamilton 6th (or lower)
Rosberg 3rd, Hamilton 7th (or lower)
Rosberg 4th, Hamilton 9th (or lower)
Rosberg 5th, Hamilton 10th (or lower)

Regardless, if Nico Rosberg finishes lower than 5th, he will not be champion. What about Lewis? Well, it’s not exactly the reverse of the above. Hamilton must strive for;

Hamilton ahead of Rosberg, in any positions.
Rosberg 1st, Hamilton 2nd.
Hamilton 5th, Rosberg 2nd (or lower)
Hamilton 6th, Rosberg 3rd (or lower)
Hamilton 8th, Rosberg 4th (or lower)
Hamilton 9th, Rosberg 5th (or lower)

Don’t let it all soak in, you’ll go mad trying to remember it all. Just watch the race, stay tuned to our live blog during the race, with Paul (@pablo100 on twitter) and me (@flood21) and if it looks like one of the more complicated outcomes; you can glance at this and inform anyone like a pro.

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