2019 Russian Grand Prix – LIVE

I’m sure we said this exact thing last week, but where did Ferrari get this pace on this circuit from? Charles Leclerc is on his 4th pole position in a row and the Ferrari resurgence isn’t showing any signs of stopping, they’re quick on the power circuits and going on last week and so far this weekend, they’re as quick on the chassis & downforce circuits. Are they the best car on the grid at the moment? All the evidence shows that they are. Can they keep that up today though? The Russian Grand Prix is usually not the greatest race for overtaking on as it’s a semi-street circuit with all the hallmarks of the usual Herman Tilke boredromes, so if the 2 red cars at the front can get good starts then it’s going to be down to the team as to which one wins. That’s the theory anyway, but this is F1, so we probably should expect the unexpected… Paul’s here with Chris, Dan & Sian to take you through the race

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