Episode 358 – Eau, Canada

June 12, 2024 Paul 0

We never thought we’d see the day again. No not a Mercedes on the podium, a broken Ferrari strategy or even a Max Verstappen win. But F1 actually allowing a race to start while it […]


Episode 357 – Beware Of Sunday Drivers

May 28, 2024 Paul 0

All the action compressed into approximately 45 seconds, but spread out over almost 3 hours. That’s the best way to describe the Moncao Grand Prix this year. This week on the podcast we try and […]



May 7, 2024 Paul 1

Congratulations to Nick Heidfeld for re-taking the coveted spot as the F1 driver with the most podiums without a win, yep that means Lando isn’t on that list anymore as he’s FINALLY WON A GRAND […]


Episode 354 – Overtake My Polesitter

March 19, 2024 Paul 1

We’ve been talking about it for weeks and now it’s finally here. No not the first Sunday Grand Prix of the season (although that’s happening as well this weekend) but we have finally managed to […]


Episode 353 – Lights Out And Away He Went

March 5, 2024 Paul 0

2024 starts just as 2023 finished with an utterly dominant win for the seemingly unstoppable Max Verstappen in the all conquering RedBull. But all is not sweetness and light behind the scenes at the Milton […]


2024 Grand Prix Prediction League

February 25, 2024 Paul 2

The prediction league is back again for 2024 and just as last season you can predict the top 5 for each race along with pole, fastest lap, number of DNFs and if there will be […]


Episode 349 – Abu Dhabi Doooooo

November 28, 2023 Paul 0

22 Races and 21 wins along with another 5 sprint wins for good measure. You could say that this has been Red Bull’s season right from the start, with just a blip in Singapore stopping […]


Episode 341 – Tons Up

June 21, 2023 Paul 0

What a milestone weekend for RedBull, their 100th win as a team and the 200th win for an Adrian Newey designed car. Is there any stopping them in 2023? Probably not! This week on the […]


Episode 340 – Eh Canada (Wrong Vowel)

June 13, 2023 Paul 0

Well that was an unexpected hiatus for the show that we hadn’t planned on! But we’re back this week in a slightly cut down form because due to various other commitments and TT recovery Paul […]


Episode 338 – Fun With Flags

April 4, 2023 Paul 0

Another week and another controversy? Well not quite, but the Australian Grand Prix was certainly an event. From the start of the weekend it looked like this would be a different kind of race to […]


Episode 336 – Calling All Nations

March 14, 2023 Paul 1

We’re ready for the 2nd race of this record breaking F1 season as the circus moves to the Jeddah Corniche street circuit this weekend, after 2 previous races there (even if Paul can’t remember both […]


Episode 335 – Desert Moon

March 7, 2023 Paul 0

We’re up and running in Formula 1 for 2023 and I defy anyone to point out any differences at the front of the grid from last year. Go on, we can wait… This week on […]