Episode 299 – Smokin

September 7, 2021 Paul 0

The return of the Dutch Grand Prix finally happened a year late thanks to the turmoil of 2020 and that was an atmosphere worth waiting for. We all knew beforehand that the circuit would be […]


Episode 296 – Call The Copse

July 20, 2021 Paul 0

I think we can safely say that was a British Grand Prix like no other before it. Qualifying on Friday evening, the first ever F1 Sprint (don’t call it a) race on Saturday afternoon and […]


Episode 294 – Mediterranean Gestures

July 6, 2021 Paul 0

Just like last year, Austria gave us a better race than Styria for some reason, although Mercedes probably wouldn’t agree after another dominant race for Max Verstappen (he got the grand slam of win, pole […]


Episode 293 – Home Advantage?

June 29, 2021 Paul 0

We’re 2 races into the 1st of 3 (correct at time of going to press) triple-headers this season and they’ve both had something in common, no it wasn’t the fact that the Styrian GP was […]


Episode 289 – Jacques Attacques

May 25, 2021 Paul 0

So the Monaco Grand Prix then, the annual parade (don’t we say this every year?) This time at least there was a bit of drama with 2 of the top 3 qualifiers not making it […]


The 2021 F1 Season – A Handy Guide

March 20, 2021 Paul 0

After a disrupted 2020 season (thanks Covid), F1 looks like it’s getting back to normal for 2021. We were meant to have the new regulations in play this year, but due to the impact of […]


Who is the best predictor of 2021?

March 20, 2021 Paul 0

For another year we’re in competition with each other to try and show that we know something about F1 after being beaten by our guests last year, so our podcast predictions league is running for […]


2021 Grand Prix Prediction League

March 20, 2021 Paul 3

The prediction league is back again for 2021. Just like we do on the podcast all you need to do is predict your pole position, fastest lap and top 3 for each race and new […]


Episode 280 – Lizards & Oompa-Loompas

March 16, 2021 Paul 1

After a shortened pre-season test this year where we only got 3 days of running instead of the usual 6, there’s still a lot of questions over this year’s cars and who better to answer […]


Episode 279 – Now We Are 6

March 11, 2021 Paul 0

Not 6 members on the team, or even 6 podcats, but we’ve now been doing this podcast for 6 years! When we did our 1st show in 2015 we were excited by the prospect of […]