2019 Russian Grand Prix Qualifying – LIVE

Once again Ferrari have got a boatload of pace this weekend on a circuit that before the summer break would have left them pootling round in 5th & 6th. While both championships are probably out of reach at this stage of the season with only 6 races to go, they’re still showing that they now know what the early season problems with their car were and how to fix them and get the best out of it for the rest of the year. Could we actually see a competitive Ferrari in 2020 for the full season? We don’t know that yet, but we do know that they’re on a run of 3 consecutive wins since the Summer Break and they’re aiming to make it a 4th this weekend in Sochi. You can’t win a race on Saturday, but you can stop yourself from losing it and that’s what we’re going to find out today in qualifying. Paul’s here to take you through it…

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