2018 Australian Grand Prix Qualifying – LIVE

It’s finally here! After almost 4 months we’re about to get our first taste of competitive Formula 1 action from the Albert Park Circuit in Melbourne Australia

And Paul is here to take you through the opening qualifying session of the season…


  1. Ive always been a fan of the Sky Sports coverage. I went as far as subscribing to streaming channels (probably illegally) and watched through my Roku. Unfortunately it seems ESPN is choosing not to show any Pre Qually or Pre race shows, so I’ll still be searching for streams for those.

    Also I’ll have to see how many commercials they throw at us. Does anyone know what commentators they will use for the F1 streaming service? Will it just be the english world feed, which is Sky Sports right?

    • From what little that FOM has released it will be the Sky coverage that’s on their digital service, but unlike ESPN, you’ll get the pre-shows as well as exclusive content. When that will happen is another matter as they’ve not given anything close to a release date yet

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