2018 Hungarian Grand Prix – LIVE

2018 Großer Preis von Ungarn, Samstag - Wolfgang Wilhelm

After a mixed up qualifying yesterday we’ve got a mixed up grid for the race today, there’s cars higher up than you’d have thought they would be (both Toro Rosso’s in the top 10) Some cars lower down than they should be (Danny Ric out in Q2) but we’ve still got Mercedes and Ferrari at the sharp end. The weather played into Mercedes’ hands yesterday as both Hamilton and Bottas got more out of their cars in the wet than Seb & Kimi did, but the Ferrari appeared to have the advantage in the dry. So with good weather predicted for today and a track that’s not the easiest to overtake on in F1 we could be in for a race where we see slower cars holding up faster ones and we could be in for either a race that’s won in the pits or some moves in places that shouldn’t happen! How are things going to pan out? We’l find out in the next few hours…

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