2018 Italian Grand Prix – LIVE

2018 Großer Preis von Italien, Samstag - Steve Etherington

After a qualifying session yesterday where the 4 fastest laps in F1 history were recorded and Kimi Raikkonnen getting his first pole position since Monaco last year (seemingly to his team-mate’s annoyance) we could be in for a good one today to make up for the snoozefest that was laps 3-44 in Belgium last week. With the fastest circuit on the calendar and, once again, drivers starting out of position, this could throw a few interesting situations up. Will Ferrari sacrifice Kimi’s race to get Vettel ahead, can Mercedes make the gap up between them and Ferrari? Is it Danny Ric’s turn to do what Valtteri Bottas did last week and get close to the sharp end from the back of the grid? And is the new war of words between K-Mag and Alonso, (“He thinks he’s a God” is the highlight at the minute) going to carry on after today? Just please, please please, let this be a more entertaining race than Belgium! Paul & Chris will try and keep you going all the way through it this afternoon

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