2019 Monaco Grand Prix – LIVE

2019 Monaco Grand Prix, Wednesday - Paul Ripke

Have Mercedes already won it today? The saying goes that you can’t win a race on a Saturday but you can lose it and Ferrari look to have lost it big style. After all their strategy mistakes in the last few races they went and topped everything yesterday by not sending Charles Leclerc out for a final run in Q1 on an improving track with just about every other driver’s times falling and him falling down the order at the same rate, leaving him starting in (at the time) 16th place on the hardest circuit to overtake on in the whole of F1. Meanwhile at the front end Mercedes were setting new track records for fun, just like practically every other race so far in 2019 and taking the top 2 slots on the grid. So are we going to get a procession or will we get some excitement this afternoon? The next few hours are going to be interesting for certain.

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