2019 Monaco Grand Prix Qualifying – LIVE

Is the the most meaningful part of the Monaco weekend? Some people would say so as getting a good grid position for the start of the parade that the Monaco Grand Prix has become is more important now than ever before. With the way that the current breed of F1 cars are designed, overtaking in the principality is becoming harder and harder to do with each passing year so a good Saturday is more vital now than it’s ever been.

We’ve seen a pretty dominant Mercedes again this weekend (some things don’t change) but Charles Leclerc looked pretty swift in FP3 this morning and Max Verstappen hasn’t been too far behind either, so the silver (and temporarily red, R.I.P. Niki) cars might not have it all their own way today. Then again we’ve said this before and look where it’s got us. But we’ll find out if we’re right over the next 90 minutes or so


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