2019 Singapore Grand Prix – LIVE

So where did this sudden burst of Ferrari pace come from this weekend? After victories in Belgium & Italy where downforce isn’t an issue and it’s more about outright speed, not all that many observers thought that they’d be troubling the front row and possibly not even the 2nd one in Singapore where downforce and grip are key and that’s something the the red cars haven’t had any advantage on so far in 2019. How wrong we all were after Charles Leclerc took pole yesterday with a monumental lap and Sebastian Vettel almost taking the 2nd slot on the grid as well, until Lewis Hamilton managed to steal it by less than 3 hundredths of a second with Max Verstappen making up the top 4, meaning or the first time in year we’ve not had a RedBull in the top 3 on the grid here.

So after all the build up saying that it was going to be a walk in the park for Mercedes, it looks like we’re in for a tight race today on a circuit where there’s not much scope for overtaking, Paul’s here with Chris & Sian to take you though it

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