Episode 359 – Keith Flint’s Taxidermy Rabbit


Well that was an ending that we were and weren’t expecting all at the same time. Lando and Max going literally toe to toe over several laps at turn 3 at the RedBull Ring in this week’s Austrian Grand Prix. We thought it was going to end in tears and for both of them it did. For George Russell and Mercedes on the other hand (not to mention Oscar Piastri and Carlos Sainz) it was a pretty happy ending to the race for them. But where does that leave the Lando & Max friendship now?

This week on the podcast we look back at a race that is possibly going to have repercussions on the rest of this season and maybe even longer. This week leaves a ton of questions hanging in the air: Is Max going to carry on being as agressive? Is Lando going to start backing out of making moves, or will this push him to make more of them? Will this let Ferrari back into the constructor’s championship race if RedBull aren’t getting wins? And where the hell was Checo again (pt 6)

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