Episode 43 – 2016 Season Preview (and more)

Kimi in the 2016 Ferrari with the new halo head protection

Well the 2016 season is less than 2 weeks away and the testing is done. What do we know after all that? Well not a great deal really. While Mercedes ran a season’s worth of Grand Prix distance in their attempts to “break the car”, they managed to slightly damage a gear box through all of it. We talk about that and everything else that came out of the both testing sessions, including the début of the prototype of the halo head protection system.

We also take a look at how we think all the teams will do for the upcoming 20/21 (depends on the US GP) races and ask if we are going to see Fernando Alonso in the McLaren all season after he’s appeared on some driver and team lists with “(under contract)” next to his name, oversight or is there still something going on behind the scenes that we don’t know about?

There’s the usual bad jokes (thank you Lee) and wild speculation as well.

Also we’d like to thank all our listeners who have stuck with us over the last year and all the listeners that have joined us since then and also thanks to the people that have given us some great reviews on iTunes. (and can we be cheeky and ask for a few more if you get chance please!?)


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