Episode 352 – Thumpering A Litter Tray

Testing is done and the next time we see the cars on track will be on Thursday (surely some mistake?) for the 1st practice session of the 2024 F1 season.
Seeing as there’s only 4 of us to fill the time this week, we’ve picked up where we left off in last week’s mega show and we’re going through what we think we’re going to see this season, a few bold predictions and many many tangents.
As always at the start of the season, there’s the admin to get out of the way. There’s the Prediction League and The Fantasy League too so loads of chances to get predicting.
All the recording hardware is sorted (except for that 1 last pesky mic cable which you’ll hear at a few points) so we’re all set up for the new season and we’ll do everything we can to be around a lot more this year!
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