Episode 55 – As Late As A Red Bull Pit Stop

2016 Monaco Grand Prix Podium

Sorry we’re a little late this week, we spent all of Monday night creating what we thought was a great show about the fantastic race we had in Monaco at the weekend and then when it came to get it ready to post, we suffered from more technical gremlins than McLaren have had in the last season and a half all in one go!. So what did we decide to do? Record another one, that’s what!

So eventually on this week’s podcast we look back at the Monaco race on a driver by driver basis along with how the teams came out of things (Red Bull weren’t one of the better ones). We’ve also decided to join in with the silly season kicking off by running through who we think will be driving where in 2017.

There’s a look at the latest post-race news as well as the teams pack up from Europe temporarily before we move on to Canada next week (we’ll have a preview show for that on time though!)

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