Max Verstappen interview with Dutch TV Post Baku Retirement

Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen dropped out of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix on Sunday giving him his 4th retirement in the last 6 races. You could say that he’s not at his happiest at the moment. So much so that he didn’t turn up in the driver’s interview pen at the end of the race, reportedly earning him a fine of €25,000

Instead he appeared on Dutch TV on Monday evening where he gave his side of the story. Thanks to regular podcast listener Jos Van De Belt for transcribing and translating the interview for us:

Television channel: Ziggo Sport

Program: Peptalk
Host: Jack van Gelder
Olav mol (f1 reporter)
Jack plooij (f1 pitlane reporter)
Wim Kieft (ex soccer player)
Ronald Waterreus (ex keeper)
Femke Heemskerk (swimmer)
Frank Evenblij (sidekick)

Jack: Was it selfdefence when you didn’t talk with the press yesterday?

Max: I wasn’t into it at that time.

Jack: How long did you stay at the circuit?

Max: Half an hour. First I deliberated with my engineers about my car and balance in the race and then I left.


Frank: Did you also thought that you first had to have a good night sleep before you could give a reaction?

Max: That seemed the right thing to do, yes.


Jack: How frustrating is it when your material doesn’t work?

Max: During the race I didn’t even thought about it, but then there is a problem again. And that was very frustrating, because I was in a good position and especially if you see afterwards what all had happened .

Jack: What was precisely the problem?

Max: They are investigating that at this time.

Jack: What do you think yourself? Do you have any clue?

Max: By all means something with the engine.

Jack: Every time there is something with the engine.

Max: Yes, correct. Saturday even so. During qualification I had to turn the engine down, as only renault engine. That was a bit weird. A pitty, but yeah.


Frank: Is there an explanation that especially your engine failed?

Max: No, no.

Frank: Bad luck

Max: It seems so. I think this engine is done anyway. So we can put a new one in the car.


Jack: You have a question Olav?

Olav: Max isn’t it time that your team builds you a complete new car. So that everything is new. In the past there are examples that that could be a solution. Or isn’t that neccesary?

Max: There is going to be a new engine in it anyway.

Olav: I mean a new chassis and everything

Max: I don’t think that there isn’t anything wrong with. The speed is good, right?


Jack: Speed is great. The different cars keep getting closer to each other.

Max: We were positively surprised.. The car is getting forward. But now I want to score some points.

Jack: Tell me, after half an hour you leave the track and then your team mate wins the grand prix. I can imagine that you had a dual feeling

Max: I was frustrated allready and when I saw the outcome I could place myself in that picture.

Jack: Did party with your team or couldn’t you bring yourself to that.

Max: (grin) What do you thin yourself?

Jack: (laughs) Ricciardo is either way your buddy, you’re toghether in one team and there is a party. Did you exclude yourself totally and did you left baku fast?

Max: Yes, at nine was my flight.


Frank: But Mariah Cary was there

Max: I saw her before the race

Frank: when the spirits where high

Max:In my case, yes.


Jack: There is speculations. Especcialy because formula 1 becomes more popular. What you’re hearing a lot is conspiracy theory.

Max: I don’t think so

Jack: Don’t you ever think that?

Max: No absolutely not. If you see the guys and the engineers they are gutted also. They work day and night on that car and are evenly gutted when I don’t finish.

Jack: Many people also ask doesn’t he ask to much of his car. Is he going over the limit of the car? Maybe Ricciardo is just below the limit.

Max: I’m curious what I am doing wrong in that case.

Jack: Isn’t that scenario possible? Don’t you ask yourself that question?

Max: No absolutely not.

Jack: Ricciardo is the man at this time. Are you worried for the next race?

Max: Yes absolutely. Especcialy because my pace is good right now, but it doesn’t translate in scoring points.

Jack: You must be enormously gutted right now.

Max: Yes. They expect me to do my best. I expect also from Red Bull and the engine that everything is optimal.

Jack: But if you could point anything, then it is at the engine?

Max: In this case it was the engine

Jack: and not the first time.

Max: I’m sorry to say yes.

Jack: I wish you good luck. Do you have a couple of days rest in Monaco. Can you relaxe a bit?

Max: I did that today. Wednesday I have to do the simulator. That engine doesn’t break down anyway.

Jack: (laughs) You never know. If you menage that …

Max: Then there is something terribly wrong

Jack: Thanks for your comments and I can imagine that you couldn’t do it yesterday. Thanks

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