What we did on our holidays

Accordion bomb

We’ve been saying on the podcasts lately that our schedule has been thrown into a bit of confusion with us having gigs and the fact that the TT is going on at the moment.

Well this is what we look like when we’re all playing…

This is Paul (in the hat) with his band Fugue State

11377077_10152807779771436_7623486613707061025_n (1)

Next up is Chris as the lead singer & accordionist of The Gentlemen’s Musical Emporium

Gent's Emporium

I didn’t manage to get out to see Dan play, but here he is from an earlier gig


And Lee’s band isn’t quite ready yet, but he looks like this when he plays the drums


And to prove it’s TT, here’s a token photo of Guy Martin!

Guy Martin


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