Who is the best predictor of 2020?

Once again we’re in competition with each other to try and show that we know something about F1 after being beaten by our guests last year, so our podcast predictions league is running for another season.

The rules are, all of us will predict the top 3 for each race during the week before and you get 3 points for each correct prediction in the right place and 1 point for a driver you predict finishing inside the top 3 in a different position to where you thought they would be. So by the end of this season we’ll know who is the prediction King or Queen of the podcast!

Once again we’ll have a guest predictor for every race and we’ll see if we can do better this time around

Also if you want to join in with your own predictions we’ve got our league running here.

How are we doing so far?:

 Predictor Points

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