Episode 188 – Sort Of F1 & Sort of Patreon


It’s a bit of a mixed show this week, there’s not a great deal of F1 news out there and we also found out we’d got 2 broken microphones during the recording, so we’ve put a kind of hybrid (V3) show together with somethings that we’d normally talk about on the F1 show and some things that we usually save for the extra podcast that all our Patreon subscribers get every week.

On the F1 side of things we look forward to the first few launch dates that have been released for February and the fact the McLaren say they will have a “good” car for 2019. On the non-F1 side of things… You’ll just have to listen and find out (and subscribe to Patreon if you want more of that!)

And of course there’s the usual features like the Formula Lee Winter series and a Who’s a Total Shunt too. And don’t forget if you want your own 3Legs4Wheels t-shirt  you can get one from our shop at Teepublic


As always, you can listen here or on Stitcher and iTunes and most other podcast apps too along with Acast and TuneIn Radio (which means we now play on Alexa devices!)

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