Episode 323 – Ring On The Prancing Horses

GP AUSTRIA F1/2022 - DOMENICA 10/07/2022 credit: @Scuderia Ferrari Press Office

After the British Grand Prix restored our faith in F1 we were waiting for the race at the RedBull Ring in Austria to bring us back down with a bump. We’re good at getting things wrong on this podcast and guess what? We did it again!

This week on a more packed out than usual podcast we look back at the Austrian Grand Prix where Charles Leclerc took his first win in a race where he didn’t start from pole position, while the other side of the Ferrari garage were literally picking up the pieces after Carlos Sainz suffered a spectacular engine blowout. And with all the other battles throughout the grid we ended up with our 2nd cracking race on the trot. Can France keep the streak going? We’ll see in 2 weeks!

But there’s more besides the F1 this week. We’ve got an interview with up and coming (Manx born) driver Cameron Hawes, who took part in the 1st race of the inaugural ERA Championship  and only went and won it! You can see the race on YouTube

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  1. You mentioned that there were many participation awards for the last race because we never saw them on TV. Keep in mind that in years past, we rarely had a fight at the front so the only action was in the midfield and lower, therefore, more air time for them. Now that there is action upfront, I actually shout at the television when they show the runners who are not fighting for points.

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