Episode 344 – Half A Half Term Review


We weren’t planning on taking an early summer break this year, but due to a variety of reasons we’ve only just managed to get things together to record a show. So to make up for it we’ve packed things out this week with over 2 hours of stuff

First up is our half term review of the back half of the teams where we go from Alpha Tauri in 10th to the chaos that is Alpine in 5th place.

Also this week Paul & Kieren had a chat with F1 and all-round motoring writer Adam Hay-Nicholls about his time in the paddock and his new biography of Charles Leclerc that’s well worth a read (or a listen in Kieren’s case)

And if that’s not enough we’ve changed our closing theme music for this week as one of our friends has some new music out, so check out Above The Clouds by Mark Pendlebury

Hope all this makes up for being away for a while but we “should” be a bit more regular now for the next few months!

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