Episode 346 – When Is A Podium Not A Podium?

Taken trackside by Harrison

When the stewards announce disqualifications after the race again. This time round though it was for worn planks and skid blocks instead of track limits, so I guess that makes a change!

This week on the podcast we look back at the US Grand Prix (the 2nd US Race out of 3, but the only one called the USGP, following?) where, due to the sprint format, teams only had 1 practice session on Friday morning to actually get their cars ready for 2 races. While some teams went cautious when setting up for the bumpy Austin circuit, others tried to push things to the limit and in the case of Mercedes and Ferrari, they may have taken it a little too far.

There’s the usual team by team review and because we haven’t spoken to each other for a couple of weeks then there’s probably more tangents than there should be in an F1 show!

Also this week there’s a couple of people to thank. This week’s cover photo was taken at the track by “Harrsion” and posted to our Discord chat mid-race and made us all jealous! Also we’ve got another different closing theme tune again. This week’s track is called Fragile by a good friend of all of ours Steve “Noshie” Nash and all proceeds from the sale of this song go to the charity Hospice Isle Of Man. You can buy the track for £2 from https://stevenashsmallbear.bandcamp.com/track/fragile

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