Episode 357 – Beware Of Sunday Drivers


All the action compressed into approximately 45 seconds, but spread out over almost 3 hours. That’s the best way to describe the Moncao Grand Prix this year.

This week on the podcast we try and make the parade on Sunday sound somewhere close to interesting when there were only 4 overtake, 7 pit stops by 6 drivers and a top 10 that finished in the same order that they started in.

Sounds great doesn’t it!

We’ve tried to make it interesting, but at least we’ve got Canada next up so hopefully things will be back to some kind of normal by then!

In better news, a good mate of ours, Josh Morris, is doing a 24 hour sim racing challenge on Weds 29th May at 7PM UK time in aid of CALM (Campaign against Living Miserably) as part of Race 2 Reach Out so please pop along to their Facebook page or our YouTube Channel to support and donate while he’s sitting in a racing rig for 24 hours straight!

Don’t forget to see how you did in our prediction league this weekend, and put in your predictions for Monaco next weekend in the games section and you can also join in with us all season on Discord too, along with Facebook & Twitter and Paul’s attempts at Sim Racing on our Twitch channel. And if you want to support us you can donate to our Patreon too

Enjoy (at least there’s a couple of decent jokes in this week’s show)

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