First Look At The New F1 Circuit In Vietnam

Ahead of next April's debut race in Hanoi F1 circuit designers Tilke GmbH & Co have released a video of a virtual lap of the new track.

Since 1950, Formula 1 has held 1,000 races at 71 different tracks. Drivers and teams can expect to find a whole series of fresh challenges at Hanoi’s street circuit next year with 22 turns, the third-longest passage on the calendar taken at full-throttle (1.5 km), a top speed of around 335 km/h and an estimated lap time of 1:36.2 minutes.

“The first section reminds me of the Mercedes Arena at the Nürburgring,” said Carsten Tilke, speaking to The son of track architect Hermann Tilke has been CEO at Tilke GmbH & Co KG for several years now and was involved in planning the new track. “Also, the track has very varied passages with high-speed turns, modelled to some extent on the Esses at Suzuka, and long straights that provide good overtaking opportunities with hard braking points.”

“Overall, it is a very challenging track, on which to race and will certainly produce plenty of racing action,” said Tilke, who has a lot of GT racing experience. “It will not be easy to post a perfect lap on this track.”

The first virtual laps in Hanoi were made possible by new software developed by Tilke’s engineering and architecture practice, making it possible for track layout to be virtually constructed and ‘driven’ in the simulator to start with. The laps posted can then be studied from every conceivable angle. This is the perfect tool to make racetracks even better in the future…

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