Formula Lee, Singapore Results & Standings

Formula Lee F1 2016 Challenge

We had close to a full grid’s worth of entries for the Formula Lee Singapore challenge and here’s the results from the virtual race with the 1st points of the season too. It was fairly tight all week, but Derek managed to get his winning lap in just before the cutoff time (in true F1 Qualifying style) and goes to the top of the standings after the 1st points scoring race. The full grid and the points are below:

Driver Time Points
Derek Schleicher 01:42.155 25
Adam Garcia 01:42.378 18
Lee 3L4W 01:42.786 15
Dave Flynn 01:42.819 12
Pete Bull 01:43.653 10
Dan 3L4W 01:43.837 8
Michael Cohen 01:43.991 6
James Holman 01:44.068 4
Barnaby Lee 01:44.134 2
Josh Stewart 01:44.153 1
Paul 3L4W 01:44.321
Darren Entwhistle 01:44.487
Patrick Daly 01:44.537
Mark Parsons 01:44.586
Dan Mclellen 01:44.838
Chris 3L4W 01:45.023
Adam Simpson 01:46.372
Mantus Spears 01:47.121
MG2803 01:47.286
Nicholas Petakas 01:49.291

Watch out for the next race in Malaysia when Lee decides on the car, time & weather!

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