Chris At The Nigel Mansell Museum

Chris recently paid a visit to Jersey and was hoping to catch up with F1 legend and Jersey resident Nigel Mansell while he was there. He couldn’t track him down to appear on the podcast, but he got a few great photos from inside the museum that Mr Mansell has built on the island to commemorate his storied racing career…

One of his many trophies
Nigel Mansell’s race suit from his Williams Renault days
Some of the helmet collection, This is one of Jackie Stewart’s helmets and Jackie was the 1st driver to cut the helmets in half so that he could sell both parts of it separately and raise more for charity!
Some of the race winning cars from his career, the 2nd car from the top is from the short-lived Grand Prix Masters series from 2005/6
A close up of the FW14 cockpit, possibly the best F1 car ever to grace a track?
Chris with the FW14. Let’s face it, if you had the chance to have your photo taken with a car like that wouldn’t you?


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