Episode 106 – Anyone Got Plans For The Weekend Then?

Großer Preis von Monaco 2016, Samstag

This is going to be the BIGGEST weekend in motor racing for a long time, we’ve got the Monaco Grand Prix on Sunday followed in short order (closer than a Schumacher/Barrichello formation finish) by the Indy 500. Now normally we wouldn’t talk about Indy Car too much on the podcast, but if you don’t know who is driving the No 29 car for the Andretti McLaren team then what rock have you been hiding under for the last couple of months?

Now as we all admit to not knowing a great deal about US racing we’ve had to get help in and we’re very happy to be joined this week by Adrian Rickard from Indycar UK who joined us to do the much promised feature “WTF is the Indy 500” and very helpful he was too, he’s talked us through what to look out for and given us a lot of insight into the race and I’ve got to say that the 4 of us are really looking forward to it.

There’s also the usual round up of news on the show this week and we were complimentary about Honda for a change (well we weren’t nasty about them, so that’s a plus yeah?) Stuff about the new impossible position that Pirelli find themselves in after doing exactly what they were asked to do and the return of Chris’ Toto impression.

We’ve also got an update on the current Formula Lee challenge (Monaco in a McLaren in the wet at sunset) and another Who’s A Total Shunt. Thanks as always for your Tweets, Emails & Facebook messages and don’t forget there’s an extra show that you can get access to by pledging on our Patreon Page too.


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