Episode 254 – The End Of Our Lockdown


1st off, we’re really sorry about last week’s disastrous attempts to get a show recorded, between work commitments and 2 (TWO) mixing desks that were DOA there was nothing we could pull together. But even though the new desk hasn’t arrived yet, we’ve managed to get the old one working for one more time (with feeling) and it’s the last of our lockdown shows before F1 comes back in less than 2 weeks time and now that the Isle of Man has announced that it is Covid-19 free, we are able to get together and go back to our usual shows where we’re all in the same room.

This week on the podcast we look at the last bits of news before the teams start to decamp to Austria before the season opener at the RedBull ring on July 5th, so it’s a sort of preview of a preview if you will. There’s a few things on the perilous state of team finances and futures among the grid, a look at what teams have done to get some cars on track to get the drivers used to being behind a wheel that isn’t attached to a sim and a few more tangents, along with the usual Who’s A Total Shunt and this week’s  iRacing race.

Stay Safe & Enjoy

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