Episode 292 – Wings Triumphant As Hell Freezes Over


Nobody saw that coming did they, an action packed French Grand Prix with racing all the way up and down the grid and RedBull out-Mercedesing Mercedes to take the win as well.

This week on a slightly late podcast (bloody real life happening again) we take a look back at the events of last weekend at the Paul Ricard circuit in Le Castellet France, which has usually been the home of dull and processional “racing” up to now. There’s also a brief look at this week’s F1 news stories and we look forward to the 1st of 2 consecutive races at the RedBull Ring in Styria/Austria (delete depending on which Grand Prix it is)

There’s the usual tangents of course, but sadly a lack of an under the weather Chris this week, but I’m sure the 3 of us will keep you entertained as always. 

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