Episode 350 – Nothing Happens Before Testing

2023 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Thursday - LAT Images

Or does it? Well we’ve had a couple of weeks of late off-season madness haven’t we. Andretti getting their bid to join the grid rejected, Guenther leaving Haas, the possible return of Sepang, rumours of a new street race in Chicago on the NASCAR/iRacing circuit and the slight matter of Lewis Hamilton leaving Mercedes for Ferrari at the end of the 2024 season!

There was no way we couldn’t come back after all this as we’ve got tons to talk about, sadly however we had more technical gremlins so the sound quality might not be as good as usual, but we hope everything we’ve got to say more than makes up for it!

So this week on the pod we try to unpick all the big F1 news that’s gone on over the last few weeks during a time where traditionally nothing normally happens except car launches! And we hereby kick off the 2024 silly season before any of this year’s cars have even seen a track. Of course it wouldn’t be complete without our usual tangents and we’ve got them in spades (and plenty of other gardening implements too)

Hopefully we’ve put all the problems behind us now and we can actually get a full season in this year and make up for our slightly patchy schedule over the last couple of years.

One extra thing on this week’s show is that we’ve given our closing theme tune over to the new single from a Brighton based band called Guilty and The Dead, the song’s called Good Sailors and for anyone that’s a fan of classic rock, it’ll be right up your street!

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