Episode 59 – Aut In The Fields

Red Bull's "Formula Unas" at their team building day the the Red Bull Ring in Austria ahead of the Austrian Grand Prix
Red Bull's "Formula Unas" at their team building day the the Red Bull Ring in Austria

After two back to back (to Baku) races we’ve had a weekend off from F1 this weekend, but that doesn’t mean that we’ve been quiet though. We’ve had a podcast to put together with a preview of the Austrian Grand Prix at the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg, so expect lots of EXTREME action this weekend and probably lots of SHOUTING as well (not by us though, we’ve got new editing software which should make us sound a lot better).

There’s quite a bit of news as well with a couple of teams announcing their young drivers for Friday mornings and the upcoming test at Silverstone in a couple of weeks. We’ve also got a new game on the show that Chris has devised: After knowing so little about Azerbaijan, he’s done his homework on Austrian and Austrians, so you can play along with our new game “Odd One AUT” (it does make sense I promise).

Sorry to say we that a couple of us were a little distracted at the start of the show as we had the England match on in the Euro 2016 tournament on while we were recording, but the less said about that the better. Anyone know how easy it is to get an Icelandic passport? (Nico Rosberg, we’re looking in your direction)

Don’t forget to keep the If You… Never… suggestions coming in and keep up the tweets and emails and we’ll try and answer as many of your questions on the show as we can as well, you can tweet us on @3legs4wheels or drop us an email on[email protected] or get in touch on our Facebook page as well. And we’ll be back for the live race blog on Sunday too.


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