Break out the tinfoil hats, it’s conspiracy theory time, why did everyone’s electrical systems struggle at the Singapore Grand Prix? Just who is buying what team and who is staying or going behind the wheel? How did Pastor Maldonado actually finish a race for once?

Apart from all the lizards, we also take a look back at last Sunday’s race and try to predict what will happen this weekend in Japan, along with What Chris thinks of a certain F1 pundit’s opinions on how the current team and engine struggles are going to pan out.

For what it’s worth there’s the results of the Pastor Disaster Predictor (spoiler alert, nobody won!) and if you want to join in with the Suzuka edition, drop us a tweet @3legs4wheels with your lap and turn prediction for when the inevitable will happen!



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    • That was when they had the titles more or less wrapped up and started on next year’s car as well, so it could be that they think that they don’t need to do much more development as they’re far enough ahead now, but if Ferrari are as good as they claim, then Merc could be in for a shock… This weekend will be interesting to say the least

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