Episode 193 – Testing Wrapup With Craig Scarborough

2019 Barcelona Pre-Season Test 2, Day 4 - Wolfgang Wilhelm

We’ve now seen all the 2019 cars running on track during the 2 test sessions in Barcelona and this week we’re joined by Craig Scarborough to talk us through what we’ve seen.

This week on the show Craig takes us through the grid and explains the new features on the cars and how the new aero rules will affect how the cars are put together and how they’re expected to run and how some teams have taken different directions from the others ahead of the opening race in Melbourne in less than 2 weeks time.

There’s also the launch of the new Fantasy F1 league that we’re running and also the 1st race details in the 2019 Formula Lee season as well along with a Who’s A Total Shunt (clue, it’s not Lee, he’s not well)

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