Episode 282 – Answering Questions Before They’re Asked

2021 Bahrain Grand Prix, Sunday - LAT Images

What a way to open another F1 season! We got to see battles all the way down the grid and one of the tightest finishes we’ve had in ages. To quote Gladiator “ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?”

This week on the podcast we had that much on-track action to go through we needed some extra help from people who know how to race, so we’re joined by 2 actual real-life drivers! From W-Series (which is supporting F1 at 8 races this season) we have Alice Powell and from British F4 we have title challenger Abbi Pulling, otherwise known as Team AP

Between us we go through all the events of an action packed Bahrain Grand Prix (the 3rd one since December) where Mercedes came out on top again, but it wasn’t plain sailing and there might even be a chance of seeing a competition between 2 (or more) teams this year. Also Alice & Abbi also take us through their plans for the 2021 season in their classes and give us a bit of insight into what it’s like being a racing driver and loads more too

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