Episode 37 – Pat Fry Joins Manor

Halo Concept For F1 Driver Head Protection

The surprise news this week that long-time Ferrari engineer Pat Fry has joined perennial back-markers Manor F1 caught us all on the hop, so much so that it’s thrown our podcast schedule out completely and we’ve decided to come back with another one as there’s a lot to talk about (and we though we’d be having a quiet time of things until the 1st pre-season test as well)

We take a look at the other news this week as well as at the time of recording, the wet weather tyre test at the (Bernie owned) Paul Ricard circuit was under way with the 1st day’s testing completed with the 2015 cars giving some surprising results (and a sceptical Kimi as well)

There’s more news and our own ramblings as well. No Dan this week as he’s treating himself to a well earned holiday in time for his birthday (Happy Birthday Dan from the 3 of us you’ve left behind)


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