Episode 61 – 3rd Time’s A Charm

Lewis Hamilton after winning the 2016 British Grand Prix
Großer Preis von Großbritannien 2016, Sonntag

Just like Lewis Hamilton has won his 3rd British Grand Prix in a row, it’s taken us 3 attempts to record this week’s podcast! After technical problems over the last couple of days that make McLaren look reliable, we’ve been hit by faulty microphones, mixers and a laptop that’s on its way out!

But we never give up and we’ve got a review of the British Grand Prix weekend, from the Stewards bringing new meaning to “zero tolerance” to a crowd-surfing Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes being the first team to fall foul of the radio rules, we’ve tried to cover everything that went on at Silverstone over the weekend. There’s a team by team review of the weekend and a few thoughts and opinions besides (before the laptop went into meltdown!)

Sorry that it’s a bit of a shorter show this week, but we’ve got some new recording hardware on the way and we’ll be back to normal quicker than a Williams pitstop (and much quicker than a Red Bull one at Monaco!)

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