Episode 83 – It’s Make Your Mind Up Time Toto

Toto Wolff, Mercedes Team Principle
Großer Preis von China 2016

Toto Wolff is going to be playing Santa this December, one lucky F1 driver is going to get a seat alongside Lewis Hamilton in the Mercedes team that’s won the last 3 championships. But who is it going to be?

In true 3Legs4Wheels spirit, we’ve got some wild speculation on this week’s podcast about who will be in the silver car in 2017 and there’s a few contenders, some obvious and some that you could describe as left-field suggestions. We’ve all got our thoughts on who they should hire, but who can they actually get? Some drivers would jump at the chance, but as has been pointed out, there’s a small matter of contracts with current teams that will get in the way. There’s some drivers that they won’t have to wrangle with lawyers to put in the car, but would they want any of them? And there’s some that have less than no hope at all!

Also on this week’s podcast there’s a look at some of the other news stories that have broken in the traditionally (really?) quiet month of December. In fact there’s that much current stuff going on that we’ve had to delay the start of our season review shows to fit everything in!

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