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Formula Lee F1 2016 Challenge

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We had close to a full grid’s worth of entries for the Formula Lee Singapore challenge and here’s the results from the virtual race with the 1st points of the season too. It was fairly tight all week, but Derek managed to get his winning lap in just before the cutoff time (in true F1 Qualifying style) and goes to the top of the standings after the 1st points scoring race. The full grid and the points are below:

Driver Time Points
Derek Schleicher 01:42.155 25
Adam Garcia 01:42.378 18
Lee 3L4W 01:42.786 15
Dave Flynn 01:42.819 12
Pete Bull 01:43.653 10
Dan 3L4W 01:43.837 8
Michael Cohen 01:43.991 6
James Holman 01:44.068 4
Barnaby Lee 01:44.134 2
Josh Stuart 01:44.153 1
Paul 3L4W 01:44.321
Darren Entwistle 01:44.487
Patrick Daly 01:44.537
Mark Parsons 01:44.586
Dan Mclellen 01:44.838
Chris 3L4W 01:45.023
Adam Simpson 01:46.372
Mantus Spears 01:47.121
Miguel Gonzalez 01:47.286
Nicholas Petakas 01:49.291

Watch out for the next race in Malaysia when Lee decides on the car, time & weather!

Another big week in Formula Lee and we had 27 drivers brave the twisty Sepang track in the wet conditions and Lee decided to make it at sunset as well just to really throw a challenge in with as dark skies as well as next to no grip! Some great times this week and we’ve been watching various Ferrari drivers creeping up the online leader boards across all 3 formats. Once again it came down to the wire with Dave “The Flying” Flynn holding provisional pole position right up intil an hour before the cutoff time when he was pipped by, now 3 time, winner Derek Schleicher. Special mention has to go to Darren Entwistle who managed to beat the cutoff by about 2 minutes and also push Lee down a place in the standings! We didn’t have time to read all the times out on this week’s podcast, but here’s the times that we got in…

Driver Time Points
Derek Schleicher 01:51.018 25
Dave Flynn 01:51.041 18
Pete Bull 01:51.347 15
Josh Stuart 01:51.570 12
Adam Garcia 01:51.918 10
Conor McIlroy 01:51.946 8
Darren Entwistle 01:52.204 6
Lee 3L4W 01:52.279 4
Lee Webster 01:52.430 2
Michael Cohen 01:52.486 1
Ed Forsyth 01:52.521
Jason Crab 01:52.671
Yven van der Struijs 01:52.808
Paul 3L4W 01:53.177
James Penney 01:53.261
Patrick Daly 01:53.364
Adam Simpson 01:53.947
Chris 3L4W 01:54.234
Dan 3L4W 01:54.361
Alex Ospino 01:54.737
Barnaby Lee 01:54.778
Ian Kneale 01:55.395
Nicholas Petakas 01:56.517
Mark Parsons 01:56.624
Miguel Gonzales 01:58.548
Charlie Jefferson 01:58.666
Mike McPherson 01:59.350

Japan was a bit tougher than we though it was going to be and in a slightly slower car as well. And the F1 2016 Mcaren performed about as well as the real cars did in the race! The general opinion that we got from everyone was it’s a much harder circuit than it looks and small mistakes early in the lap can punish you for the whole thing and boy did it punish just about everyone! Once again though Derek Schleicher came up trumps (and shared his setup with everyone on the Facebook page too! So here’s how we a did this time round

Driver Time Points
Derek Schleicher 01:35.454 25
Dave Flynn 01:35.612 18
Josh Stuart 01:35.985 15
Adam Kneale 01:36.041 12
Conor McIlroy 01:36.062 10
Lee Webster 01:36.474 8
Lee 3L4W 01:36.496 6
Adam Garcia 01:36.660 4
Yven van der Struijs 01:36.930 2
Adam Simpson 01:37.130 1
Ed Forsyth 01:37.136
James Penney 01:37.480
Darren Entwistle 01:37.529
Paul 3L4W 01:38.546
Chris 3L4W 01:38.681
Barnaby Lee 01:39.029
Miguel Gonzales 01:39.249
Nicholas Petakas 01:39.799
Ian Kneale 01:40.533
Dan 3L4W 01:40.684
Charlie Jefferson 01:43.034
Daniel Alonso 01:44.521

Another tight race with the top positions changing all the way to the cutoff time, but once again Derek came out on top, first by posting a time that would have won anyway and then deciding to really go for it and see how close he could get to Lewis Hamilton’s actual pole time from the race of 1:35.999. And he came bloody close to it as well. Lee suffered a triple disappointment this week too, not only did he get Guttierrez’d into 11th place at the last minute, he also got beaten by 2 bass players (Lee & Conor) and if he hadn’t put a lst minute time in, it would have been 3 as Paul was ahead of him till just before the end as well!

Driver Time Points
Derek Schleicher 01:36.366 25
Patrick Daly 01:37.013 18
Josh Stuart 01:37.204 15
Chris Rowden 01:37.243 12
Conor McElroy 01:37.446 10
Dave Flynn 01:37.630 8
Darren Entwistle 01:37.847 6
Lee Webster 01:37.897 4
Chris 3L4W 01:38.214 2
Adam Garcia 01:38.391 1
Lee 3L4W 01:38.481
Pete Bull 01:38.497
Paul 3L4W 01:38.615
Ed Forsyth 01:38.637
Jason Crab 01:38.717
Suraj Mulji 01:39.390
James Penney 01:39.545
Dan 3L4W 01:39.699
Nicholas Petakas 01:40.049
Ian Kneale 01:41.184
Ryan Kneale 01:41.663
Miguel Gonzales 01:42.301
Mantus Spears 01:43.769
Barnaby Lee DNS
Charlie Jefferson DNS

That was evil! This got called Lee’s Revenge and did he take it out on all of us, Mexico in the wet in a Manor! Once again, Derek came out on top and actually clinched the inaugural title with a dominant win this week. The top 10 was pretty uncertain until just before the cutoff time and Paul almost got his 1st points, but was dumped out of the top 10 after a flyer from Josh Stuart and then just to add insult to injury, he gave Lee a hand with his setup and had to sit there and watch as Lee managed to put a decent lap together to finish 9th and scrape into the points at the very last minute!

Driver Time Points
Derek Schleicher 01:32.465 25
Conor McElroy 01:32.725 18
Josh Stuart 01:32.998 15
Dave Flynn 01:33.176 12
Pete Bull 01:33.457 10
Chris Rowden 01:33.498 8
Adam Garcia 01:33.644 6
James Penney 01:33.937 4
Lee 3L4W 01:34.010 2
Lee Webster 01:34.049 1
Darren Entwistle 01:34.124
Paul 3L4W 01:34.328
Patrick Daly 01:34.644
Dan Mclellen 01:35.222
Peter Goodchild 01:35.626
Nick Scelsa 01:35.955
Jonthan Mills 01:36.004
Charlie Jefferson 01:36.044
Ian Kneale 01:36.157
Ryan Kneale 01:36.318
Nicholas Petakas 01:36.595
Dan 3L4W 01:36.847
Suraj Mulji 01:36.878
Chris 3L4W 01:36.961
Miguel Gonzales 01:40.354

Back to dry weather racing for Sao Paolo, unlike the real race which was the wettest of the season. This time around Lee was generous to us and gave us a Mercedes at noon. Another nip & tuck round with some close times, in fact Lee & Chris had identical times to each other at one point and finished only 1/1000 of a second apart. But the big news this week is that we have a different name on the top step of the podium! After dominating the championship this season, Derek Schliecher was pipped for the win by Conor McElroy

Driver Time Points
Conor McElroy 01:10.537 25
Derek Schleicher 01:10.693 18
Dave Flynn 01:10.737 15
Chris Rowden 01:10.856 12
Pete Bull 01:10.920 10
Josh Stuart 01:10.970 8
James Penney 01:11.143 6
Adam Garcia 01:11.196 4
Lee 3L4W 01:11.370 2
Chris 3L4W 01:11.371 1
Ed Forsyth 01:11.427
James Holman 01:11.469
Patrick Daly 01:11.537
Darren Entwistle 01:11.570
Yven van der Struijs 01:11.920
Lee Webster 01:12.000
Charlie Jefferson 01:12.182
Paul 3L4W 01:12.206
Nick Scelsa 01:12.289
Barnaby Lee 01:12.354
Nicholas Petakas 01:12.722
Ryan Kneale 01:12.782
Dan 3L4W 01:13.056
Steve Mitchell 01:13.150
Ian Kneale 01:13.573

The last race of the inaugural Formula Lee season was what seemed to be an easy challenge round the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi, in a Williams at dusk in dry conditions. We didn’t bargain on the track actually being a lot more difficult than it looks at first sight! Those kerbs on turn 9 are as bad in game form as they were in the actual race and did to a lot of virtual drivers what the did in real life to Jenson Button! Derek didn’t manage to put a time in this week, so this left the competition at at the sharp end open and it came down to Conor & Josh to battle it out. This week though Josh had the upper hand and also got the only sub 1:40 time on the board.

We also have to give special mention to Edstaban Forsyth who finished in 11th place and outside the points for the 4th time out of the 7 races! Sorry Ed, but better luck next season!

Driver Time Points
Josh Stuart 01:39.887 25
Conor McElroy 01:40.199 18
Dave Flynn 01:40.566 15
Chris Rowden 01:40.589 12
Pete Bull 01:40.700 10
James Holman 01:40.765 8
James Penney 01:41.041 6
Darren Entwistle 01:41.134 4
Chris 3L4W 01:41.150 2
Dan 3L4W 01:41.201 1
Edstaban Forsyth 01:41.562
Barnaby Lee 01:41.733
Adam Garcia 01:41.777
Paul 3L4W 01:42.036
Lee 3L4W 01:42.065
Patrick Daly 01:42.235
Nicholas Petakas 01:42.302
Yven van der Struijs 01:43.517
Mike Hassell 01:43.903
Nick Scelsa 01:43.983
Charlie Jefferson 01:44.312
Ian Kneale 01:44.521
Ryan Kneale 01:44.665
Steve Mitchell 01:45.269

Current Formula Lee Standings (after 7 races)

Congratulations to Derek Schleicher, our inaugural Formula Lee Champion!

Driver Points
Derek Schleicher 143
Dave Flynn 98
Josh Stuart 91
Conor McElroy 89
Pete Bull 55
Chris Rowden 44
Adam Garcia 43
Lee 3L4W 29
Patrick Daly 18
Darren Entwistle 16
James Penney 16
Lee Webster 15
James Holman 12
Adam Kneale 12
Dan 3L4W 9
Michael Cohen 7
Chris 3L4W 5
Barnaby Lee 2
Yven van der Struijs 2
Adam Simpson 1
Ed Forsyth 0
Paul 3L4W 0
Alex Ospino 0
Charlie Jefferson 0
Peter Goodchild 0
Jonthan Mills 0
Suraj Mulji 0
Nick Scelsa 0
Jason Crab 0
Ryan Kneale 0
Miguel Gonzales 0
Nicholas Petakas 0
Ian Kneale 0
Mike Mcpherson 0
Dan Mclellen 0
Mantus Spears 0
Mark Parsons 0
Daniel Alonso 0
Steve Mitchell 0
Mike Hassell 0

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