Episode 87 – At Least We’ve Got Some Launch Dates

Paddy Lowe now Ex- Mercedes
Wintertests 2016, Test 1, Barcelona

When we recorded this week’s podcast Paddy Lowe was still at Mercedes, but in true 3Legs4Wheels form, the team announced the morning after that he’d officially left. IS this going to start the domino effect now and we’ll get the driver market officially cleared up in the next few days (even though we all pretty much know who is going to where next season and who is going to be back!)

Back to this week’s podcast and we’ve got a round up of some other F1 news that actually happened before we hit record, including the sad news about Manor going into administration again and their dwindling hopes of making the grid in Melbourne. We’ve also got each of our top 5s of which drivers we think are going to have a good year and a bad year in 2017. We actually went into that much detail with our thoughts on this that we ended up with not enough time left to do the 2nd half of Chris’ F1 quiz (we promise we’ll have that next week)

We’ve also got our thoughts on how to improve car launches, the threat that the British Grand Prix could fall off the calendar and failing to understand how Formula E can market a virtual race in Las Vegas as a massive E-vent (Formula Lee anyone?) Plus a bit of a mailbag this week too!

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