Formula Lee 2021

Formula Lee is finally back for the Codemasters F1 202 game and there’s a few changes this year. Every race will now last 2 weeks and we’ll be going through the full compliment of circuits in there.

All you need is the Codemasters game F1 2021 on either PC, PlayStation or XBox and go to Time Trial Mode with realistic pace. You can use any of the assists available and it doesn’t matter if you use a wheel or a controller (or even a keyboard if that’s your driving style!) Once you’ve set your time with the car and weather conditions picked by us on the podcast, send a screengrab or photo of your time (don’t forget it MUST be a legal time in the game) to us by email to where our Spreadshet intern will put all the results together

The top 20 times will all score points (20 for 1st down to 1 for 20th) and we hope to get prizes for the end of the season too

The first race of the season is a lap of the Circuit of the Americas, in the dry and in a Mercedes. You’ve got until 7PM (UK) / 2PM (EST) on Monday the 1stof November 2021 to get your times in

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