Monaco Grand Prix


May 18, 2015 Paul 0

We take a look back at what the F1 Strategy Group have decided on for 2016 & 2017 with new rules suggested for tyres, engines and noise (Paul gets unintentionally creepy, but it’s meant to sound like […]

No Picture

McLaren, what were you thinking?

May 12, 2015 Paul 0

We mentioned this in the podcast this week about the Tag Heuer event in Barcelona with the holographic Ayrton Senna. Well we’ve found the footage and to be generous it looks like it’s come straight […]

Fernando Alonso in the garage.


May 11, 2015 Paul 0

This week we look back at the Spanish Grand Prix and ask who got what right (Nico Rosberg) and who got things wrong (lots of teams) Also with the F1 Strategy Group meeting coming up […]

Circuit de Catalunya


May 4, 2015 Paul 0

On this week’s podcast we welcome Dan Ankers, the newest member of the team, while Lee’s away in Germany (so at least there’s some F1 presence there this year!) We’ve got a round up of […]

Roam Grosjean doing Roman Grosjean type things


April 27, 2015 Paul 0

It’s been a car crash of a couple of weeks, but we’re back with a new podcast after last week’s unscheduled early season break. This week we take a look at the latest news and […]

Lewis Hamilton celebrates winning the Chinese Grand Prix 2015

3Legs4Wheels podcast Episode 6

April 13, 2015 Paul 0

On this week’s podcast we look at the Chinese Grand Prix and just what’s happening in the Mercedes team at the moment. We also look forward to next week’s Grand Prix in Bahrain and much […]

Thank You

Thank you!

April 12, 2015 Paul 0

Just a quick post to say thanks to everyone that listened to any of the podcasts so far. Last week’s was the most popular one so far with over 115 listens as of this morning […]

No Picture

Sauber’s got a fever

April 12, 2015 Paul 0

And the only prescription is…   #F1 needs #MoreCowbell – in fact, F1 needs more #BlueCowbell 🙂 Thanks for this hand-made beauty, @mcclarendesign — Sauber F1 Team (@SauberF1Team) April 12, 2015

The Chinese F1 Circuit in Shanghai

3Legs4Wheels F1 Podcast Episode 5

April 6, 2015 Paul 2

This week we preview the Chinese Grand Prix along with looking at the latest news stories to come out of F1, including the latest reports on Alonso’s crash, rumours surrounding Torro Rosso & Renault and […]

Vettel Malaysian Grand Prix celebration

3Legs4Wheels Podcast Episode 4

March 30, 2015 Paul 0

In this week’s podcast we look back at the Malaysian Grand Prix after Sebastian Vettel’s first win in a Ferrari along with how Mercedes didn’t get things right and how the other teams fared. Don’t forget […]

Sepang F1 Circuit

3Legs4Wheels F1 Podcast Episode 3

March 24, 2015 Paul 0

This week we preview the upcoming Malaysian Grand Prix and look at some of the other issues in F1 including Honda’s engine woes, injured drivers and the reasons why there won’t be a Grand Prix […]

Lewis & Arnie

3Legs4Wheels F1 Podcast Episode 2

March 16, 2015 Paul 0

This week we go back over some of the talking points from the Australian F1 Grand Prix and look at where this leaves the teams, driver and the whole of F1 in general. You can […]


2015 F1 Season Preview Podcast

March 10, 2015 Paul 1

Well after a couple of false starts (you really don’t want to hear them!) We’ve finally got our 1st podcast recorded and it’s also the first appearance on here of the latest addition to the […]

Caterham F1

Caterham, the saga continues

October 24, 2014 Paul 0

The situation for the Caterham F1 team seems to be getting worse by the hour. It’s also looking more likely we won’t see them race in Austin. After yesterday’s revelation that the Caterham factory (not […]

Caterham F1

Caterham F1 – Just what is going on?

October 23, 2014 Paul 0

The ongoing drama/saga at Caterham F1 is one that threatens the stability of not only the F1 grid for the rest of this season but could have ramifications into how teams are run in 2015 […]